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                          Products > Sunrise Mirror > Silver Mirror > 600*900mm Silver mirror
                          Product name : 600*900mm Silver mirror
                          Item : 3mm Silver Mirror
                          Price : Negotation
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                          Silver Mirror

                          Sunrise Silver Mirror is made from either sheet glass or float glass (usually float) through a series of more complicated coatings: tin(II)chloride; silver; chemical activator; polymer resin; paint…

                          We produce Silver Mirror by replacing copper with polymer resin, it is environmentally friendly items.

                          Silver mirror provides clear and actual images, is quiet durable and widely used for furniture, bathroom and other decoration purposes.

                          Tinted Silver mirror, such as dark blue mirror, imperial green mirror, golden mirror, dark grey mirror, bronze mirror, are popular in applications of interior decorations and furniture.

                                           Specification of the Silver Mirror


                          High reflectivity Silver mirror, the reflectivity is above 92%


                          Clear, blue, green ,bronze, pink etc.


                          Clear and exact images.
                          The backing paint resists acid and moisture.


                          2mm-6mm and so on


                          According to your request.


                          Decoration and furniture.
                          Rearview mirror for automobile.

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